While the words “public speaking” might call to mind enormous crowds listening to a State of the Union address, the reality is that public speaking is much more nuanced and diverse, and everyone will have to do it in some capacity during their lives. Public speaking can mean everything from presenting sales numbers at a company board meeting to pitching a story idea to the editorial team of a publication. Fortunately for those who don’t take naturally to public speaking, there are many consultants, organizations, and blogs that offer useful advice for improving your skills at public speaking, presentation design, speechwriting, and general verbal communication. The sites listed here are among the best in this field, and total beginners to practiced professionals will benefit by checking out these sites.

The sites are split into several categories that emphasize speaking, writing, and overall presentation. The order is not intended as a ranking, but an organizational tool to make these sites easy to refer back to repeatedly as needed.

Public & Professional Speaking

While a select few people make their entire living as public speakers, sharing their ideas and knowledge with audiences full time, many more people will have only sporadic contact with public speaking. That doesn’t mean professional tools and organizations aren’t open to them though. These sites have solid tips whether you speak publicly every day, or only once a year.

  1. National Speakers Association


    The National Speakers Association is one of the foremost sources on speaking efficiently and find ways to further harness your skill set. They broadcast a wide array of events and conferences they host, along with ways to become a more involved member.

    – Keep Learning: Attend

  2. Public Speakers Association


    This organization shows clients how to take speeches, presentation, and social media for your business and begin to grow your client base and revenue. Members can network with other successful speakers and get helpful information on how to connect with clients.

    – Keep Learning: Members

  3. Introduction to Public Speaking


    Introduction to Public Speaking is a free online course offered from Dr. Matt McGarrity from the University of Washington that helps individuals become better public speakers and hone in on their ability to effectively speak in public.

    – Keep Learning: Add to Watchlist

  4. Patricia Fripp’s Blog


    Patricia Fripp can help clients with any presentation needs: from sermons to sales, she can motivate and cultivate an inspired speech or presentation.

    – Keep Learning: Speech coaching

  5. Great Public Speaking


    Great Public Speaking is a blog run by Tom Antion, a professional public speaker who aims to empower others to be able to work out of their homes and control their own lives, namely through public speaking and presentation skills.

    – Keep Learning: Become A Celebrity Without the Paparazzi

  6. Come Alive! A Public Speaking and Presentation Skills blog

    Come Alive! A Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog is published by Angela DeFinis, President of DeFinis Communications. The firm offers a range of professional public speaking training programs, consulting services and online resources for leading corporations. By building knowledge and skill, accelerating performance and providing tools for continuous learning they help their clients compete in a demanding marketplace.

    – Keep Learning: Resource Center

  7. Moving People to Action


    Moving People to Action is the blog of Conor Neill, an educator at IESE Business School. He promotes many fantastic ideas and provides useful recourses relating to business, communication, being an entrepreneur, life lessons, how to be a public speaker, as well as many other areas.

    – Keep Learning: New Here?

  8. Quick and Dirty Tips: The Public Speaker

    Lisa Marshall offers daily, bite sized, realistic tips for communication and public relations and speaking. These can help people feel more confident in the workplace, more authentic in their relationships, and excited about pursuing new opportunities.

    – Keep Learning: How to introduce yourself

  9. The Eloquent Woman


    Tailored to help women with public speaking techniques, eloquence and confidence, this site offers several different tools. From social media workshops to public speaking workshops to PR tips, there is plenty of knowledge to take advantage of, apply, and succeed with.

    – Keep Learning: Training for executives, experts, or scientists

  10. In the Spotlight LLC

    Janet Esposito, MSW, is the president of In The SpotLight, LLC, a company devoted to helping people overcome fear of public speaking and performing. Janet writes and speaks from her own experience with this challenge and from more than a decade of helping others to master their fear.

    – Keep Learning: Workshop and Coaching

  11. Dr. Michelle Mazur – Relationally Speaking


    Dr. Michelle Mazur is dedicated to helping people use their voice to change the world and give impactful and meaningful speeches. Her private sessions help clients capture their message and craft their voice.

    – Keep Learning: How To Blog for your Business

  12. Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


    This site covers several different speech topics, including delivery, visuals, habits, and speech writing. Their comprehensive articles and books work to create confidence in speakers.

    – Keep Learning: 5 Ways You Can Make Money Speaking

  13. Changing Tools


    Changing Tools helps to train and prepare business professionals and others in the communication field to successfully speak in a public forum. They offer free tips and videos, as well as intense, in depth paid classes.

    – Keep Learning: 7 C’s of Public Speaking

  14. The Accidental Communicator


    The Accidental Communicator gives tips on how to improve public speaking, presentation, and communication skills. Their true worth is emphasized in the fantastic newsletter they publish, which helps convey even more information to the reader.

    – Keep Learning: The Accidental Communicator Newsletter

  15. SpeakerSue


    Sue is a challenging, down to earth speaker and teacher. She consistently engages audiences and motivates them to work smarter, communicate better, sell more, and share stories.

    – Keep Learning: Focus on your pitch, not your product

  16. Speaker Launcher


    Speaker Launcher advocates for anyone looking to become a world-class speaker and improve an integral part of giving presentations. The blog posts help anyone looking for some information to get started and understand what it takes to improve their skills.

    – Keep Learning: Archived Posts

  17. Global Speakers Federation


    The Global Speakers Federation is a network of public speakers who are able to speak at events. Their site also addresses news and issues in the global public speaking forum.

    – Keep Learning: Newsbrief

  18. The English-Speaking Union


    As English grows in use around the world, the ESU works to nature and further the education of those areas and peoples. Many of their programs also work to help debate teams and Shakespeare competitions.

    – Keep Learning: Schools

  19. Ginger Public Speaking Blog


    Ginger Public Speaking Blog is run by Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes and supplements her award winning book called, “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking”. The posts all touch on different facets within the realm of public speaking and are incredibly dense with useful information.

    – Keep Learning: 5 of the Best Opening Lines

  20. Decker Communications Blog


    Decker is a team of communication professionals who use their years of experience to help train speakers to connect with audiences and managers to connect with employees. Their blog offers practical, useful tips for the every day.

    – Keep Learning: Keep it Simple, Sweetheart

  21. Pivotal Public Speaking

    Pivotal Public Speaking’s website offers a library of resources about communication and public speaking, as well as a public speaking tips in their blog, and a newsletter with new information about the public speaking industry. Their information is encouraging and straightforward and good for anyone looking for quick and basic helps.

    – Keep Learning: Public Speaking Will Always Have its Place

  22. Doug Stevenson: Storytelling in Business


    Storytelling is a hugely effective mode of communication. This site teaches members to tell great stories to – different kinds of stories for each business need, pitch, or idea – to share great concepts and get people involved and on board.

    – Keep Learning: Relevant Storytelling in Business

  23. Speakers League


    Speakers League has long been established as a premier international organization that helps provide public speaking clubs for children. The idea is to start developing leadership, organizational, and critical-thinking skills at a young age to foster more opportunities as they age.

    – Keep Learning: Find a North American Club

  24. Forum Communicators


    Forum Communicators has diverse tips and advice related to public speaking, business etiquette, and group and interpersonal communication.

    – Keep Learning: Hints

  25. Ian Griffin: Professionally Speaking


    Ian Griffin is a speech craft expert with twenty years of speech writing experience. His blog shares tips that he has used with clients during his many years of work in the industry.

    – Keep Learning: Celebrating Voices of Leadership

  26. Professionally Speaking…


    Offering useful tips and tricks for becoming a more engaging and professional speaker, this blog points readers to things that make presentations livelier and checklists to follow when crafting a presentation. The simple points and suggestions make a difference in the creating of speeches and presentations.

    – Keep Learning: What Bugs Your Audience

  27. Authenticity Rules


    With rules and techniques for speakers, teachers, and executives, this blog promotes leadership and audience connection. This could certainly be used to help any speaker’s technique, fears, or help answer questions.

    – Keep Learning: Generating Enthusiasm

  28. Tips on Talking


    Heather Stubbs is a performer and communicator, teaching people to speak with confidence and enthusiasm. Her tips apply to business speeches, but also to things like wedding toasts and important telephone conversations.

    – Keep Learning: The Wedding Toast

  29. Virtual Speech Coach Blog


    With virtual speech coach, you can train to become an effective presenter on your own schedule. Learn key presentation points like structure, humor, openings, closings, and storytelling.

    – Keep Learning: Focus on the Audience

  30. Lose My Accent


    This accent reducing website helps people from many different native languages reduce or eliminate their accent as they speak American English. Each video is about four minutes long and practices one simple concept at a time.

    – Keep Learning: Improve your spoken English with sticky notes

  31. Public Speaking Library


    Tim Wilson houses a collection of tips for public speaking. Topics range from using humor to answering questions.

    – Keep Learning: Being Funny

  32. Green Room Speakers


    Green Room Speakers administers some of the best individual and team training for public speaking. Their site has a great blog to supplement the teaching and it’s a great place to get started.

    – Keep Learning: Personalized Speech Coaching

  33. Public Speaking Institute


    Public Speaking Institute is an initiative of Education Unlimited and has been serving students since 1993 with some of the best public speaking resources to help foster one of the most reputable environments for students to improve their skills.

    – Keep Learning: Specialties

  34. Speak & Deliver


    Speak & Deliver is a blog devoted to all elements of presentation and public speaking. Blog Runner Rich Hopkins highlights all the most important features to being the best public speaker possible.

    – Keep Learning: The Speaker’s Trust

  35. Public Words


    Public Words has a chief goal of helping others tell their stories and have the repertoire of public speaking skills to succeed.

    – Keep Learning: Podcasts

  36. Women Speakers Association


    Women Speakers Association is an intuitive resource for women who work in the public speaking arena to better identify how to approach finding speakers, becoming speakers, and much more information related to the field.

    – Keep Learning: Blog

  37. Advanced Public Speaking Institute


    Advanced Public Speaking Institute is a go-to organization for understanding public speaking tools and how to better incorporate these into successful presentations.

    – Keep Learning: Public Speaking Articles

  38. Speak Schmeak


    Speak Schmeak is run by a public speaker and performer who has a wealth of experience in public speaking and conveying the best advice on giving great speeches. The posts are not only inspirational, but incredibly informative.

    – Keep Learning: Is Your Mental Game Up To Par?

  39. Manner of Speaking


    If you’re looking engaging advice that is also very factual and informative, Manner of Speaking is a great site for getting information on how to improve your public speaking skills.

    – Keep Learning: Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 166) – Lily Tomlin

  40. Jeremy Jacobs


    Jeremy Jacobs is an event host and master of ceremonies with an incredible public speaking presence who is able to easily command a stage and bring people together. His site is great to see what it’s like to be an established public speaker.

    – Keep Learning: Speaker

  41. The Reluctant Speakers Club


    The Reluctant Speakers Club was founded by Eamonn O’Brien, a public speaker with over 25 years of experience. He uses the organization to help qualm fears of public speaking and empower individuals to be on the path to success.

    – Keep Learning: Blog

  42. Speak Up for Success


    Speak Up For Success is the blog of Public Speaker Jezra Kaye and aside from highlighting all the fantastic services she provides, it also details great public speaking advice for any situation imaginable.

    – Keep Learning: Public Speaking Tip 28: Use a Template for Public Speaking

  43. Speak Fearlessly


    Speak Fearlessly is the official blog of The Henderson Group, an advising group that helps provide public speakers all the resources to ensure success when it comes to developing better public speaking skills.

    – Keep Learning: Video Tips & Techniques

  44. Speak to Lead


    Speak to Lead promotes all the best advice for catapulting leaders to the next level by helping them establish themselves in public speaking. The insight is tremendously insightful and shouldn’t be missed.

    – Keep Learning: Tips for Marco Rubio to Prevent Dry Mouth

  45. Joyful Public Speaking


    Joyful Public Speaking is a great place to get commentary on public speaking and presentations from individuals actively involved in the community. The posts leave no stone unturned in terms of content, so you can always find unique and refreshing insight.

    – Keep Learning: Blasting Toastmasters First and Not Even Asking Questions Later

  46. Public Speakers Blog


    Public Speakers Blog is one of the premier video blogs for professional public speakers and helps those in the industry understand things like how to set compensation, presentation, appearance, and more.

    – Keep Learning: How To TV Interview Via Satellite

  47. Speak Without Fear


    Speak Without Fear helps those with firm fears of speaking in public to alleviate their worries and move forward to reinforce better public speaking skills and become the leaders they’re attempting to become. The content looks at each aspect that usually is the cause of fear of public speaking and helps resolve them.

    – Keep Learning: Resources

  48. Beginning

    Presentation Blogs & Tools

    Increasingly, public speeches are accompanied by a visual element such as a video, slideshow, or multimedia presentation. Adding this element is an opportunity to shine for any public speaker, but also a new element that needs to be constructed and managed carefully. These sites aim to help public speakers young and old perfect their skills at building and delivering audiovisual presentations.



    USTREAM is a video and presentation platform that allows users to embed information or broadcast presentation. It’s a highly useful tool for presenters and speakers who need to speak to large audiences across distances.

    – Keep Learning: Explore

  50. Slideshare


    Slideshare allows you to upload your presentations online. Members can share presentations on social media, embed to websites, and see other previously uploaded presentations.

    – Keep Learning: About

  51. Slide:ology


    Slide:ology is the book that teaches the art of great software presentations. Readers learn to generate ideas, use excellent graphics, and communicate effectively with their target audience.

    – Keep Learning: Engage through Storytelling

  52. Presentation Zen


    Presentation Zen blogs about all issues related to professional presentation design and how to improve not only public speaking, but every element of presenting different stories and ideas.

    – Keep Learning: Interview with Tokyo-based Interpreter & Author Yayoi Oguma

  53. The Virtual Presenter


    The Virtual Presenter from Roger Courville breaks down awesome tactics and approaches to giving good speeches and maintaining the attention of the listener. The posts look at old methods and how contemporary ways are improving upon them.

    – Keep Learning: 2 Rules, 5 Advance Poll-Planning Tactics for Webinars, Webcasts, and Virtual Classes

  54. PowerPoint Tips Blog


    Ellen Finkelstein’s website helps others improve a variety of presentation aspects. Her PowerPoint Tips Blog is updated on such a regular basis that it’s near impossible not to find a new fact about PowerPoint to help you improve presentations.

    – Keep Learning: Backgrounds

  55. Idea Transplant


    Idea Transplant attempts to marry the two keys ideas in presentations: good content with good design. Their site is great for graphic designers needing some inspiration or resources in their design presentation work, or anyone who works on both the content and design element of websites or presentations.

    – Keep Learning: Becoming a great graphic designer

  56. Knockout Presentations Blog


    When it comes to improving presentations and strengthening public speaking skills, the Knockout Presentations Blog from DiResta Communications is a great place to get the most contemporary advice.

    – Keep Learning: Speaking Matters for Executives

  57. Mindflash


    Mind Flash helps create training presentations for businesses. This unique software can also help organizations evaluate the success and results of training.

    – Keep Learning: Training employees

  58. Clearly Presentable


    Clearly Presentable is the blog of a company that works with startups and other organizations to create custom presentations that communicate a client’s needs and goals. Their blog describes some of their recent projects, as well as tips for making presentations memorable and professional.

    – Keep Learning: Simple tips for awesome presentations

  59. Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing


    Inter-Activ Presenting & Influencing accentuates the ways to improve public speaking and become a more effective leader. Based in the United Kingdom, their tips are great for anyone across the globe.

    – Keep Learning: Training Topics

  60. Vocaroo


    Vocaroo is a voice recording service that helps add supplementary material to presentations through incredibly high quality audio recording services.

    – Keep Learning: Info

  61. Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint Blog

    This blog tries to teach users how to communicate effectively with PowerPoint presentations. Everyone has to use them – Dave Paradi tries to match your needs with the best presentation possible.

    – Keep Learning: The Grammar of Text on Sides

  62. Executive Speech Coach – Business Presentations


    Speech Coach George Torok has built a website of business presentation tips for those working as sales managers, field reps, and other professionals and executives who rely on their presenting skills. His tips are thoughtful advice for anyone looking for a meaningful advantage in their presentations.

    – Keep Learning: Superior Presentations: How Many Times Should You Repeat Your Key Message

  63. High Stakes Presentations


    High Stakes Presentations works to transform individuals who may be less confident in speaking publically. The blog has the latest content and a large library of resources to pull from.

    – Keep Learning: Services

  64. Presentation Magician

    Leaders and speakers who want to create great presentations and give engaging talks can find excellent resources here. From ebooks to Skype training sessions and more, this organization is dedicated to helping people becoming better, more confident communicators.

    – Keep Learning: Weekly Presentation Tips

  65. The Presentation School


    The Presentation School helps establish a fun and upbeat way to improve presentation skills and work with others to promote some of the most engaging environments for learning.

    – Keep Learning: Class Descriptions

  66. Presentation Dynamics


    This website works with speakers to engage with their audience. From the beginning of the presentation to the very end, their techniques can help every speaker feel confident.

    – Keep Learning: Sink the Agenda Slide

  67. All About Presentations


    Full of presentation scenarios and challenges, All About Presentations helps speakers to create good content and ensure good delivery. The simple tips are easy for marketing and sales clients to incorporate into their presentations and to become habits in the future.

    – Keep Learning: Getting Ahead of Yourself

  68. The Extreme Presentation(tm) Method


    The Extreme Presentation™ Method is an in-depth site that educates and trains individuals on how to make more effective presentations and better grab the listener or viewer’s attention.

    – Keep Learning: Microsoft’s New Design Ethos

  69. The Presentation Skills Blog


    The Presentation Skills Blog has a wealth of content tailored for presenters and public speakers. When you’re looking just for information related to presenting or speaking in public, it’s a highly recommended source to check out.

    – Keep Learning: Casio Presentations Report

  70. Audacity

    This free, high quality, open source program for recording and editing sounds is a great resource for those looking for a way to create sound options to be used in presentations. Files can be used in PowerPoint presentations or as an independent tool.

    – Keep Learning: About

  71. VCASMO


    A presentation platform app that users can download for creating and watching presentations on their tablets and phones. Videos and slides work on a multitude of products and cloud storage, video exporting, and unique layouts make each presentation customizable.

    – Keep Learning: Features

  72. Presentation Advisors


    Presentation Advisors help public speakers refine their speeches and tailor messages to specific audiences. If you’re a public speaker or looking to get involved in this exciting field, Presentation Advisors is a great place to get started.

    – Keep Learning: Speaking

  73. Presentation Magazine


    Presentation Magazine has long stood as a highly credible source for improving presentations and locating appropriate resources for engaging audiences. Their public speaking tips are also things that should not be missed.

    – Keep Learning: Presentations

  74. Beginning


    Writing a speech requires finesse and empathy for the target audience. It takes years of practice to become a professional speechwriter, but there are quick wins to be had for speakers who need to come up with a convincing argument ASAP.

  75. Ragan: Speechwriting


    Ragan trains in the art of speechwriting – writing, editing, and delivering the perfect speech. They also offer other presentation tips, as well as work and PR advice.

    – Keep Learning: 9 Surefire Ways to be Appreciated at Work

  76. Public Affairs Council: Speechwriting 101: Writing an Effective Speech


    Public Affairs Council: Speechwriting 101: Writing an Effective Speech presents all the need-to-know information for putting together a speech that is not only going to be informative, but also grab the attention of the viewer.

    – Keep Learning: Expertise

  77. European Speechwriter Network


    This speechwriting network takes on the challenge of global, multilingual speechwriting. Members of the network have access to speechwriters from many different countries who take the challenges of engaging a multi-cultural, multi lingual audience seriously.

    – Keep Learning: Lessons for Speechwriters from Henrich von Kleist

  78. UNC Writing Center: Speeches


    UNC Writing Center has a great section on speeches and how good writing skills go in hand with effective speech-giving. When you’re looking to get started, it’s the perfect place.

    – Keep Learning: Introductions

  79. The Global Speechwriter Blog


    Brent Kerrigan, also known as The Global Speechwriter, runs a blog that details how to best formulate effective speeches. The blog has an impressive amount of content and even keeps viewers updated on workshops he hosts and more.

    – Keep Learning: Comms Managers: Distance Is Irrelevant For Speechwriters

  80. Jane Genova’s Blog


    Jane Genova is a speechwriter and ghostwriter for some of the most prominent companies in America, often penning incredibly effective public speaking pieces. Her blog is great because of the impressive depth her posts achieve.

    – Keep Learning: Stick & Stones May Break Our Bones, Words Will Also Break Our Fragile Sense of Self

  81. We Need a Speech


    We Need a Speech is a forum and service center for freelance speech writers to find work and those looking for a speech written. Additionally, they offer an online speech writing class.

    – Keep Learning: I Only Need a Few Words

  82. Vital Speeches of the Day


    Vital Speeches of the Day is a regularly updated site with all the best content on speeches that are perfect for understanding different speech-giving techniques that are the most effective.

    – Keep Learning: Speech Crowds are as Unreliable as Emotion Itself

  83. Rate Speeches


    Rate Speeches is a great tool for public speakers and students alike to listen through numerous speeches to aptly identify what makes a good speech. Additionally, it’s a great source for finding inspirational footage.

    – Keep Learning: Speech Evaluator

  84. Beginning

    General Communication & Debate

    Public speaking is about as interdisciplinary as it gets. Pulling together writing skill, presentation and visual sense and timing to deliver a great speech involves practicing a wide range of talents, but the payoff is well worth the work it takes.

  85. Gallocommunications Blog


    Understanding that communications effect every part of business – internally and externally – Gallo Communications exists to develop better leaders and speakers who can interact with their customers and each other better. The communication examples on their blog as well as their training opportunities help to shape great speakers and communicators.

    – Keep Learning: The simple, simplest way to radically improve your customer’s experience

  86. Booher Banter


    Booher Banter is the blog of Booher Consultants, a firm that promotes communication skills for business leaders and helps them achieve the goals they’re aiming for. The blog posts informative pieces of presentation advice useful to anyone looking to improve communication skills.

    – Keep Learning: Presentation Skills: 5 Ways to Measure Your Success as a Presenter

  87. Learn Out Loud: Public Speaking Audio & Video


    Learn Out Loud is a site that offers audio downloads and books to be used in personal development or in teaching. This section of books, some free, focuses on public speaking and writing.

    – Keep Learning: Nonviolent communication

  88. Self-Promotion for Introverts


    Geared for the “quieter crowd”, this website covers branding, self-promotion, getting a job, building your business, and leadership. Their resources can help to create stronger communication skills in introverted people.

    – Keep Learning: Storytelling for Introverts

  89. The Saylor Foundation: Public Speaking


    This free online course is a full, complete class in public speaking. For anyone looking for a refresher in public speaking or someone needing to take it for the first time, this class might be for them.

    – Keep Learning: Assignments

  90. Echelon Communications Blog


    Echelon Communications offers classes, webinars, workshops, and seminars for improving speech writing and delivery, including advanced speechwriting and persuasive speeches. Their blog is also current with relevant tips.

    – Keep Learning: Capturing Attitude

  91. Public Speaking Forum


    This forum has user listed questions and answers for public speaking issues. Advice can be found for issues like nervous speaking, speaking at a funeral, and even facing microphone and other equipment failure during speeches.

    – Keep Learning: 10 Tips on How to Speak in Public

  92. Big Speak


    Big Speak is a speakers’ bureau with speakers for hire for conventions, motivational events, and more. Some of their speakers include well-known names such as Ken Carter, Bob Dole, and Mark Sanborn.

    – Keep Learning: Topics

  93. Craigstrachan – Keep talking!


    Craigstrachan – Keep Talking! Blog provides invaluable tips on how to be a better public speaker and work towards a more grounded understanding of how to succeed.

    – Keep Learning: Free PowerPoint Templates

  94. Debate Graph


    Debate Graph helps take controversial issues and lay them out visually. This tool is an excellent for presentations, teachers, and others.

    – Keep Learning: About

  95. Debating South Australia


    Debating South Australia is a debating organization for school aged children which. Students learn lifelong, essential communication skills such as analytical thinking, evaluating information, and curiosity through the debating teams they participate with and events they attend

    – Keep Learning: Training

  96. International Debate Education Association


    This association brings debating news from over 50 countries together in one place. They offer online and offline training in debate, as well as in teaching debate.

    – Keep Learning: Debate Now

  97. Manitoba Speech and Debate Association


    Manitoba Speech and Debate Association is an integral part of the community of debating in Manitoba. The site outlines what it’s like to be in a debate tournament, what’s looked for, how judging takes place, and more.

    – Keep Learning: Debate Guides

  98. Psych Forums: Public Speaking Anxiety


    This is a fantastic forum for those dealing with issues specific to public speaking. Members can share methods for overcoming speaking anxiety and tactics for speeches in general.

    – Keep Learning: Public speaking anxiety

  99. Faster Speaker


    Faster speaker hopes to help people learn and love public speaking – quickly! Their direct methods help speakers identify problems and improve their techniques while building confidence.

    – Keep Learning: How to speak like a pro in one easy step

  100. SpeakerMatch


    When in communications, you definitely need to have an impressive array of experts to give speeches on any number of subjects. SpeakerMatch helps to empower companies and individuals to locate the speaker they need on a given topic.

    – Keep Learning: Motivational Speakers

  101. Agricultural Speaker’s Network


    Agricultural Speaker’s Network is a highly refined public speaking site that helps those in the field of Agriculture has all the information to appropriately connect to their desired targets.

    – Keep Learning: Speaker Search

  102. Toastmasters International


    Toastmasters International is a well-known group that works on reinforcing the core principles of giving presentations and the different elements that go along with them. Aside from great content for understanding what it’s like to be involved in giving presentations, they have great video tutorials as well.

    – Keep Learning: Toastmasters Magazine

  103. Max Atkinson’s Blog


    Max Atkinson’s Blog discusses a plethora of issues relating to speaking, presentation, conversation, and many other relevant topics. The posts are great and have more insight than the average site.

    – Keep Learning: British Students’ First Encounter with Segregation in 1963

  104. World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship


    World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship is the largest competition in the world for debating in the English language and is a tournament in which individual high school students represent their school from over 15 countries around the world.

    – Keep Learning: Competition

  105. Center for Excellence in Public Speaking Education


    The Florida State University College of Communication & Information has an incredible Center for Excellence in Public Speaking Education. The resources available far exceed many other institutions, largely due to how renowned they are within the community.

    – Keep Learning: Big Ideas